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What we do


Our most recent professional experience has been mainly linked to refurbishments of diverse nature:


· Refurbishment and adaptation of commercial spaces for bank branches (1995-2015).


· Building and establishment rehabilitation for social use: Libraries and care homes.


· 10 years of experience in refurbishment and restoration projects for singular buildings.


· Municipal competition proposals for the maintenance and preservation of apartment buildings.

Design, construction management and cost control
Refurbishment projects. interior design and new construction

In order to achieve high standard projects, we offer the following services as key elements of our design and construction process:


· Complete management of all stages of the refurbishment process for commercial establishments in any Spanish region.


· Immediate response resulting from previous viability studies carried out to verify that the proposed property is appropriate for the use planned.


· Constant feedback to the owners as well as fast and efficient Design and Construction development.


· License application and management at the suitable City Hall and public organizations.


· Project management, cost and deadline control guaranteeing an optimal result.



We work all over Spain.

We are 100% trilingual in Spanish, French and English, which allows us to address projects in any other country.


As well as that, we offer:


· Project management from the design to the construction stages as well as cost , quality and deadline control.


· Professional advice.


· Assessment and  technical surveys.


· Interior design, stands and installations.

Why choose ARB?

Because we understand your needs and know how to attain them.

Because we care for the environment and produce sustainable architecture.

Because we care for your well-being and we apply the most innovative technologies (renewable energy, domotic systems..)

Because we care for aesthetics and we design appealing buildings.

Because our approach is clear and precise. We provide an added value to each project. We seek for your trust and watch over your interests.

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